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Thank you for looking at Gary's timeline of his shops and studios. Gary started his first custom studio in south Florida in 1969. It was created under the name of Burns Studio. It went on to become one of the most acclaimed custom shops over the next 12 years. Burns Studio created and custom designed many different types of one of a kind art. He later relocated in 1982 to the Dallas, Texas metro plex area. Gary's new shop was called Burns Custom Design. This new shop also became a leader in the automotive customizing sector in metro plex for over 23 years. Gary continued his design and innovation creativity and talents and set into motion many new market sectors with his creative experience. In 1991 Gary brought into his shop a franchise called Rhino Linings. Gary and his team was one of the pioneers in the spray on polyurethane industry for over 23 years. In 2007 Gary sold the corporations of Burns Custom Design and Rhino Linings then moved to Las Vegas to open a business called Ultimate Designs which opened the doors to endless creativity for his imagination in the foam and polyurea industry.