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Training the Princeton Offense is a book/DVD package deal that covers every thing a trainer would have to comprehend with a view to enforce this offense together with his crew. The Princeton offense teaches basketball avid gamers easy methods to play opposed to any man-to-man safety. This offense is tough to scout and is very helpful to school groups who may perhaps lack a step of quickness or an inch of peak opposed to their rivals. This book/DVD package deal takes a glance at this refined offensive scheme and breaks it down in a masterful approach by utilizing uncomplicated terminology and well-thought-out courtroom diagrams.

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All of these options are explained in Chapter 3. A third pressure release is for the side post to flash out to the high post. This move puts the offense in the high phase (Diagram 5-11). When the post player has set the shuffle cut screen for the guard, it is easy for the side post player to move to the high post, changing the offense from the side phase to the high phase. Once the post man has received the pass, the offense gives the alignment of a 5-out/open post configuration (Diagram 5-11).

On the call of the number one, the post player will start out low on the left side of the lane, while the rest of the offense spaces around on the perimeter (Diagram 6-1). The 1 play begins with a dribble handoff between the two guards (Diagram 6-2). The guard receiving the handoff will begin the dribbling weave. The guard handing the ball off will immediately make a backdoor cut to the basket (Diagram 6-3). This is the first option of the first set play. Diagram 6-1 Diagram 6-2 Diagram 6-3 If the cutting guard is not open, the ball will then be passed to the wing player on the ballside (Diagram 6-4).

Each phase has three to four options. An example of a possession of the Princeton offense is called the high series (Diagram 1-3). Using this phase the point guard or the coach will make a high call. This signals the post player to pop up to the high post position, where he catches the basketball and the perimeter players then will execute the series of options that are described in Chapter 2. After the options have been exhausted and a scoring opportunity cannot be found by the attacking offense, the team will then transition into another phase by having the post player make a hard cut to the basket and then look to establish another post position.

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