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By Steven John Metsker

ISBN-10: 0201743973

ISBN-13: 9780201743975

Offers examples, workouts, and demanding situations that help you grapple with substitute ways and observe functional subtleties in utilizing layout trend idea to real looking difficulties. Softcover. CD-ROM incorporated.

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Steven John Metsker's Design Patterns Java(TM) Workbook PDF

Provides examples, routines, and demanding situations that show you how to grapple with substitute ways and observe functional subtleties in utilizing layout development conception to sensible difficulties. Softcover. CD-ROM integrated.

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2 are class adapters, which adapt through subclassing. When you need to apply ADAPTER, you may not be able to subclass the class whose methods you need to adapt. In some cases, you may need to create an adapter that adapts information from more than one object. You may also find that the interface you need to adapt to is not a Java interface but rather an abstract class that you must subclass. In such cases, you need to create an object adapter—an adapter that uses delegation rather than subclassing.

A shell, unlike a rocket, is unpowered, so if you ignore the effects of wind and air resistance, the flight path of a dud is a simple parabola. main(). 32 Chapter 4. 2. The FlightPanel_1 application shows where a dud may land. There is a problem with the FlightPanel_1 class: It intermingles three purposes. Its primary purpose is to act as a panel that displays a flight path. A second purpose of this class is to calculate a parabolic flight path. drawPolyline(x, y, nPoint); } 33 Chapter 4. Facade See the sidebar Parametric Equations on page 40 for an explanation of how this code establishes the x and y values of the dud's path.

This is especially likely to occur when users can edit the composition. Consider an example that might occur at Oozinoz. The fireworks engineers at Oozinoz use a GUI application to record and to update the composition of machinery in the factory. One day, they report a defect regarding the number of machines that are reported to exist in the factory. 4. 48 Chapter 5. 4 What does the following program print out? getMachineCount()); } } The GUI application that Oozinoz uses to let engineers build object models of a factory's machinery should check whether a node already exists in a component tree before adding it a second time.

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