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During contemporary a long time there was a progressive switch within the existence expectancy and caliber of lifetime of the hemophiliac. This has been completed via hematologic and c1inical learn, and the longer term for the hemophiliac is determined by extra clinical wisdom and study. regardless of the dramatically enhanced lifestyles scenario of hemophiliacs, hemorrhagic problems stay a hazard. The hemorrhagic ailment could impact and/or worsen the process trauma or different ailments in those sufferers. Hemophiliacs struggling with hemorrhagic problems or eligible for non-obligatory surgical procedure could be pointed out Hemophilia remedy and coaching facilities, the place overview and exam are played through a multidisciplinary staff with event and curiosity within the ailment. The radio10gist is a vital member ofthis workforce. some time past diagnostic imaging has been established in general on traditional radiography, and this is often nonetheless vitally important for the prognosis ofhemophilic problems, however the diagnostic imaging of this present day deals a variety of modalities-conventional radiography, computed tomography, sonography, radionuc1ide imaging, and, in its infancy, magnetic resonance imaging. therefore there's a want for an intensive description of the capability and barriers ofthese smooth diagnostic techniques.

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Comparison of joint involvement in 42 severe hemophiliacs aged 1-25 years, examined between 1958 and 1962 (population I), and 45 other severe hemophiliacs of the same age, on continuous prophylaxis, examined in 1984 (population II) Joint Joint involvement (%) Population I Shoulder Elbow Hip Knee Ankle 9 43 4 55 31 Population II 2 23 o 10 46 Pathology It is important to trace the concomitant pathologie changes occurring within the joint. The first and most important pathologie description of the hemophilic joint was published by Swanton in 1959.

Pronounced enlargement of the radial head. 26-year-old with moderate hemophilia A. The enlargement of the radial head and the proximal ulna may cause an incongruity in the proximal radioulnar joint, with a decreased range of pro nation and supination. 17a,b. Enlargement of the radial notch of the ulna. 8-year-old with severe hemophilia A. There is early ossification and accelerated growth of all ossification centers. The enlargement of the radial head has caused a large radial notch ofthe ulna.

22. Diagnostic Imaging 45 c b Fig. 22a-c. Development ofluxation of the distal radioulnar joint. Severe hemophilia A. a At 6 years of age there is an abnormality of the distal ulna. The epiphysis has not ossified, and in the metaphysis there are irregular areas of radiolucency (arrows) . band c At 21 years of age the growth disturbance has resulted in a malformed distal ulna, with luxation ofthe ulnocarpal and radio ulnar joints. Hip. The final outeome of hemophilie arthropathy of the hip may be dependent on the age ofthe patient when the hemarthrosis oeeurred.

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