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One whose hollowed-out side is silvered. (a) Can the magnification of a real image formed by such a mirror ever be greater than one? (b) Can the magnification of a virtual image formed by such a mirror ever be a number greater than zero but less than one? If you answer yes to one of these questions, give an example with a ray diagram to prove that you’re right. If you answer no, explain why it’s not possible. (b) Problem 7. 50 Chapter 3 Images 10 All of the curved mirrors shown in this chapter were hollowed out, like a dish, but it’s also possible to have a mirror that bulges outward.

When I did this, I was 52 The same setup viewed from the side. pointer is directly above the other. Chapter 3 Images able to locate the image’s position to within about a millimeter, and I got good agreement between the parallax method, opening one eye at a time, and depth perception, with both eyes open. B Changing the location Make a ray diagram, showing how each ray moves through the water, is refracted, and goes off through the air. 1 to predict whether the image should be ++ or +−. If you have time, do the other method too, and verify that you get the same answer.

Introduction The credit for invention of the telescope is disputed, but Galileo was probably the first person to use one for astronomy. He first heard of the new invention when a foreigner visited the court of his royal patrons and attempted to sell it for an exorbitant price. Hearing through second-hand reports that it consisted of two lenses, Galileo sent an urgent message to his benefactors not to buy it, and proceeded to reproduce the device himself. ” His astronomical observations soon poked some gaping holes in the accepted Aristotelian view of the heavens.

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