Fatigue Analysis of Welded Components: Designer's Guide to by E. Niemi, Wolfgang Fricke, S J Maddox PDF

By E. Niemi, Wolfgang Fricke, S J Maddox

ISBN-10: 1845691245

ISBN-13: 9781845691240

This document offers historical past and assistance at the use of the structural sizzling spot pressure method of the fatigue layout of welded elements and constructions. It enhances the IIW ideas for 'Fatigue layout of Welded Joints and elements' and extends the knowledge supplied within the IIW tips on 'Stress selection for Fatigue research of Welded Components'. This process is acceptable to instances of strength fatigue cracking from the weld toe. it's been in use for a few years within the context of tubular joints. the current file concentrates on its extension to buildings made of plates and non-tubular sections. Following a proof of the structural scorching spot pressure, its definition and its relevance to fatigue, the authors describe equipment for its decision. pressure decision from either finite point research and pressure gauge measurements is taken into account. Parametric formulae for calculating rigidity raises because of misalignment and structural discontinuities also are offered. precise realization is paid to using finite aspect rigidity research and information is given at the number of point sort and measurement to be used with both reliable or shell components. layout S-N curves to be used with the structural scorching spot rigidity are awarded for more than a few weld information. eventually, useful software of the suggestions is illustrated in case stories regarding the fatigue evaluation of welded buildings utilizing the structural scorching spot pressure procedure.

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For constant amplitude loading, the constant amplitude fatigue limit A(TR,Lapplies. As noted in the main text, it is also valid for variable amplitude loading as long as the largest stress range in the spectrum is less than the constant amplitude fatigue limit. 2). It has been adopted by several design codes. However, there is some disagreement about the location of the 'knee point'. Originally, Haibach proposed what he considered to be a suitable choice for the constant amplitude fatigue limit, corresponding to Nth = 2 x lo6 cycles.

3. Damage calculation taking the misalignment into account. The bold line represents the knee point of the S-N curve. 4 Discussion and conclusions The predicted life, 1 155 000 km, corresponds rather well to the time when cracks were first observed. The effect of welding distortion in the web is fairly large. The calculations show that the life was reduced by 58 %. The second order factor according to Eqn. 5], tunh (p/2)/(p/2), in the distorted web had a significant effect. In such a case, it is not sufficient to apply the magnification factor, Km,to the stress range directly (Eqn.

I1W Doc. XIII- 1409-9 1 , International Institute of Welding, 1991. e applied at stress range Aai ) is the fatigue life obtained from the appropriate S-N curve at dq. The original Miner's rule assumed that the design life had been exhausted when the cumulative damage D = 1. 5. 1). 0. A further assumption in Miner's rule in its original form is that stresses below the fatigue limit do not contribute any fatigue damage, their damage ratio being &/w = zero. However, in fact they are damaging when welded joints are subjected to loading spectra that include some stresses above the fatigue limit.

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